Friday, September 26, 2008

Showcase Episode #38: Getting Back Into The Groove

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TRS#38: Getting Back Into The Groove
After a long, hard summer it's time to get back to work and slip into some cool Trop Rock and air a great interview we did months ago with Bry Harris from The Parrot Island Band.
Path of Least Resistance / Captain Josh / If I Had a Hammock
Caribbean Holiday / Dennis McCaughey / Thongs 2
Where Texas Meets The Sea / Don Burke / Angels in Tropical Shirts
Gator on A Stick / Dr. Zog / The Electric Crawfish Boil
Who Put The Pepper / Eric Stone / Everything
Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian / John Prine / German Afternoons
Trop Rock Frame of Mind / The Parrot Island Band / Getaway
Got My Mojo Workin / Mo Brothers / Pardi Like A Wild Dog
Cabana Boy / Loren Davidson / Every Day's A Holiday
Misirlou / Dick Dale and Gary Hoey / Monster Surf

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