Friday, July 4, 2008

Episode #37: Proud To Be An American

Episode #37: Proud To Be An American

Hey All, We're hanging out on the deck of the newly refurbished, structurally sound Liki Tiki Lounge on this July 4th weekend and bringing this episode to you. We've got a great conversation with Spooner from, a Trop Rock calendar report brought to you by the Margarita Mafia, brand new debuts from Laidback Larry, New York Minute, Johnny Russler and The Beach Bum Band and Bryan Gorsira, your requests and more of the newest and best Trop Rock out there.


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Websites mentioned in Episode #37

Song / Artist / Album

Revolution (The Beach Chair Song) / Laidback Larry / Mojito Monday
Frozen Drinks / New York Minute / Gumbo Beach
Fat Guy in A Hawaiian Shirt / Johnny Russler and The Beach Bum Band / Amigos Out At Sea
Across The Sea / Scotty Lee Shuffield / Angels in Tropical Shirts
Interview with Spooner from
I'll Burn Down The House / The Bad Monkeys / Coastal Girl
Hula Girl (Dancin ON My Dash) / The Bonedaddys / Waterslide
Blame It On Buffett / Kelly McGuire / Boat in Belize / BY REQUEST
Painkiller / Tomson and Parish / Painkiller
Wash Me / Bryan Gorsira / The Best Years
Buffett All Day / Jonathon Brandmeier / Thongs 2 / BY REQUEST

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