Sunday, June 8, 2008

Episode #36: It's About Damn Time

Episode #36: It's About Damn Time!
This long awaited Episode brings you an exclusive interview with Jeff Pike from the legendary A1A as we talk about the genre, the new A1A disc
"Beachwrecked" and what's on the horizon for A1A as well as a TropiCast Trop Rock Calendar Report and more of the best Trop Rock on the planet.
Websites mentioned in Episode #36
Song / Artist / Album
Stuff Like That / Brent Burns / Ragtops and Flip Flops
The Only Thing Missing / Blue Pearl Paradise / Blue Pearl Paradise
Coral Bay Day / A1A / Beachwrecked
Hollow Man / The Boat Drunks / Wahine Man
Close Encounters of The Wet Kind / Eric Stone / Everything
Looe Key Tiki Bar / Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 / Meet Me in The Keys
Back To The Islands / Hugo Duarte / Thongs 2
Belly Up To The Horizon / The Coconut Boat Band / Too Much Hands on My Time
Where The Gulf Meets The Ocean / John Frinzi / Into The Dawn
Tropical Breeze / Pirate Dreams / Memento
Island Attitude / Latitude / Island Attitude
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