Friday, March 7, 2008

Episode #32: Catching Up With Old Friends and Making Some New Ones.

This Episode we play some artists we haven't played in quite a while and we play some artists we've never played before...
On the road to The Summer of 2008
Song / Artist / Album
Luperon Glue / Captain Josh / Music in The Lower Keys
Boat Around The World / Changes in Latitudes / By The Sea
Tequila Vision / Gary Seiler / Living On Dreams
Somewhere Over The Rainbow / Iz Kamakawawiole
Buffett All Day / Jonathon Brandmeier / Thongs 2
Spinning Around / Mark Mireles / AITS
Tropical Depression / Twist of Fate / Out of The Cellar
Reverend Singer / The Bonedaddys / Waterslide
Margarita M.A.F.I.A / Troy Allan / Just South of Corpus
Rum is A Many Blendered Thing / The Coconut Boat Band / Rum is A Many Blendered Thing
Coastal Girl / The Bad Monkeys / Coastal Girl
Key West Habit / Loren Davidson / Tropical Troubadour
See Ya Later, I'm Gone / The Parrot Island Band / Getaway
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