Saturday, December 1, 2007

Episode #26: Beginning To Get That Holiday Feeling

...and feeling generous. This Episode we talk to Tommy Schisler with some great MOTM2007 stories, slap TWO world premiers on you and fill you in on great new features at
Featured This Episode:
Title / Artist / Album
Tribal Revival / Gene Mitchell / Island Party
Back To The Islands / Hugo Duarte / Thongs 2
Sheila Tequila / John Reno / A Bona Fide Social Club
Miranda / John Frinzi / Into The Dawn
Yea Mon / Jimmy Maraventano & Second Wind / Thongs 2
If Once You've Slept On An Island / Scott Kirby / Walking on Thin Ice
Life in The Laid Back Lane / Sunny Jim White / Thongs 1
Leave With The Girl / The Boat Drunks / Wahine Man
Memento / Pirate Dreams / Memento
Leave This Island / Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 / Livin' On Key West Time
Sailor's Christmas / Jimmy Buffett / Christmas Island
Conched / Jake and The Half Conched Band / Life on The Gulf
Trop Rock Frame of Mind / Parrot Island / Getaway
Conch and Circumstance / Lifescapes / Caribbean Steel Drums
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