Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Episode #24: Our MOTM show Part 1

This one goes out to the folks like me, that are stuck up north while the fun of Meeting of The Minds rages on down in Key West this weekend. Here's a sampling of some of the folks playing down there this weekend.
No Goodbyes / John Frinzi / Into The Dawn
Rum Jumbies / Sunny Jim White / Thongs 3
Down There / Jim Morris / Thongs 3
Practical Dreamer / Tropical Soul / Thongs 3
Barefoot Holiday / Brent Burns / Margarita Smile
Bone Island Mambo / Jim Hoehn / Deadline Penitentiary
Pacing The Cage / The Calypsonuts / Six More Weeks
Hollow Man / The Boat Drunks / Wahine Man
Lucky Enough / Scott Kirby / 4 Good Dogs
What Happens in Key West / Stars on The Water / Thongs 3
Waialea Bay / Latitude / The Good Life
Paradise / Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24 / Livin' on Key West Time
See you in Episode #25 for MOTM Part 2 with interviews from Tommy Schisler direct from Meeting of The Minds.
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